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Out and About in the U.K.

Out and About in the U.K.

A trip around the UK,
Throughout the summer of 2022 our objective is to make a splash and generate as much interest and support as possible. More than reaching our potential fan base, this phase allows us to establish links with studios, producers and music professionals who share our vision.

From supporting existing festivals, throwing our own fundraisers or even being hired for private events, if it's in line with our ethos and thinking, Ukukhapha will be there to make it happen. With the intention of giving body to our direction, showcasing underdeveloped artists and projects within the UK will be a priority.

This phase will also allow us to iron out any issues we will inevitably encounter. When one is attempting to take a bus where no bus has gone before, fortune will favour the prepared!

We're already
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Dates to be updated!

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