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Project Plan:

Phase 1.png

Preparation Will Be Key

From a dream to reality.

Our Bus will start its journey being built in Cambridgeshire.

Whether it is Digital Content creation, logistics or planning; it all has to begin somewhere.

Phase 1.png

Out and About in the U.K.

Announcing ourselves with our first trip on wheels, the summer of 2022 will be spent participating in projects aligned to our ethos.

Fundraising, Partnering with existing festivals, Hosting our own events.

Reaching our potential fan base, this phase will also allow us to establish links to studios, producers and music professionals who share our vision.

Phase 1.png

Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Louder

Our 'not-so-modest' London bus is still going to need a monumental makeover.

Aiming to be robust enough to tackle African road conditions and the addition of our onboard audio/content creation capabilities .

Prepping to go where none of its kind have been before, our presence (physical and online) will continue to gain traction.

Phase 1.png

Practice makes perfect in Europe

Another continent, different challenges and yet the same goals.

Testing our final form in conditions a little more forgiving than the vastness of Africa.

Continued brand development, general interest generation as well as further partnership discovery.

Phase 1.png

Africa, The Great Adventure

The final yet most important stage of our trip. A chance to achieve our ambitious objectives.

Using 2 years of experience to give our bus and creators the best chance of success.

A journey south, as long or short as our path takes us.

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