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Our Purpose

  1. Provide a World class, self-contained, mobile venue; for event production in the communities we visit.

    Encompassing high quality sound, lighting and stage production; our bus will allow both artists, fans and community members to experience their performances in quality and under conditions they may never have had access to. 

  2. Provide high quality production facilities, as well as an established Audience, to enable industry professionals to showcase themselves.

    By allowing artists and industry professionals access to our facilities we will provide them with a platform  to increase exposure to their businesses, develop their own brand awareness and promote networking with career building producers, studios and labels. But that's not all! By providing an infrastructure of support that we have built in the 2 years prior to entering Africa, we will aim to give our artist community an invaluable resource that is normally inaccessible or prohibitively expensive

  3. Reconnect Africa and Share her good news.

    By travelling the length of Africa, we will be in a position to showcase the opportunity, potential and people of the continent, outside of music. This may come in the form of investment opportunities, sharing of personal success stories or even ideas for sustainable growth in the region. This is extremely important as Africa has recently become the fastest growing economy by continent. In addition we are striving to disrupt established misconceptions about this beautiful place that often prompt the travel and tourism industries to look elsewhere.

  4. Have  a definitive, positive and lasting impact on the communities we visit.

    A difficult goal to quantify, we are seeking partnerships that could travel with us in order to leave a lasting legacy with the places we visit. Our initial brainstorming has suggested the following; implementing sustainable farming practices, providing clinics for family development, education on deforestation and even recycling. Fundamentally the aim for our reach to developed nations will prompt, not charity nor aid but real interest and investment into a continent full of potential. Ideally any successes for the artists and creators we interact with will be reinvested into their communities.

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